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Do I Need a Lawyer for an Assault Charge?

Many people facing an assault charge ask the question, “Do I need a lawyer for an violent crime charge?” The answer is a resounding “Yes”. In many cases, there is not enough evidence to prove that an manslaughter, murder, or another violent crime occurred. The prosecuting attorney will go to great lengths to convince you that they have the evidence to obtain a guilty verdict.

Without the knowledge and the reputation of an experienced lawyer, the accused in an violent crimes case stands little chance against the prosecutor. Without a lawyer, the accused will not be taken seriously by either the judge or the prosecutor. A lawyer who is experienced in defending violent crime charges will know exactly what the prosecutor needs to prove their case against you and will expose the weaknesses of their case against you.

With years of experience as defense attorneys, Rick Oliver and Christine Cockrell will make sure that you aren’t found guilty of false accusations.

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The last offer of a plea bargain, the last chance before trial. Rick and I reviewed all the facts. We talked. He shared more findings he had just uncovered. His empathy and professionalism were outstanding. I really trusted him with my life. With a deep breath I said, let's go to trial, no deal. Back in the courtroom, he went straight to the attorney for the DA and got busy. He talked and pointed. He got animated. More attorneys. More talking. Finally to the clerk and called me back to the conference room. I was breathless. With the most beautiful smile I ever seen, he said, all charges DISMISSED.


Rick Oliver's Former Client

I was sitting in county jail feeling like all hope was lost with the other attorney that was on my case. I was going to the law library trying to file motions with no experience in criminal law whatsoever, and getting nowhere really fast. So when my family Hired Ms. Cockrell I was skeptical because of all my previous run-ins with lawyers. From the not answering calls to generally thinking their client is automatically guilty until proven innocent, But once I spoke with her (which was a shock in its self) I instantly felt confident in her ability. The difference to me was she genuinely cares for the client and wanted to fight for my innocence and refused to submit like most defense lawyers. She was helpful, understanding, and strived for the best outcome in my case. I felt it was worth it. Now I'm at home with family and its all thanks to Ms. Cockrell.

Jon C.

Christine Cockrell's Former Client

An Attorney friend refereed me to Rick K. Oliver for a DWI case. I was lucky to talk to him right away as he encouraged me to go get my own toxicity scan as I had just gotten out of jail. I of course refused to let the police administer a test so this was very quick thinking to show I did not have illegal drugs in my system. He was very informative when I talked to him and he explained the law far more thoroughly when I talked to him than even the established DWI attorneys. I decided to hire Rick Oliver and it was the best decision I made recently. I was really rude to the cops that stopped me cause I was obviously pissed off. This was quite apparent on the tape and report. He still managed to get the case dismissed. After watching the tape myself I have to say he is worth 10 times what he charges.


Rick Oliver's Former Client

I'm so grateful for Ms. Christine C. Cockrell. My son is home! My son spanked his son and was facing 26 to life because of enhancements. His prior C.A. attorney said get ready to go to TDC. Ms. Christine understood how important it was for my son to get home to his son. Her commitment was evident. THE BEST choice I've ever made for my family. For some reason I trusted and believed in her ability from the first time we spoke. Now I know why. She fought for my son, for my family and she won. Excellent Attorney!


Christine Cockrell's Former Client

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