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Rick Oliver

Criminal defense and Personal injury attorney

Rick Oliver grew up in blue-collar Pasadena the son of working class parents. While his father worked outside the home to keep the lights on his mother worked inside the home to raise their five children. Though never the biggest or the strongest or the fastest player on his high school football team, thanks to his motor and determination Rick earned high honors when he was named Co-Defensive Lineman of the Year and Most Valuable Player at the end of his senior campaign. From there Rick was recruited to play football at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Rick graduated from Trinity University in four years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He remained at Trinity another year to complete his post-graduate studies which earned him a Master of Science degree in Accounting in 2001. After graduation, Rick was offered a posiiton with the accounting firm Arthur Andersen, LLP. Rick has always maintained that during his short tenure with Arthur Andersen his clients were not in the energy sector and he had nothing to do with Enron (other than playing on their intramural basketball team). After the firm’s chimerical extinction, Rick left public accounting and was hired by Continental Airlines to work in their Internal Audit Department.

Rick lived out of a suitcase for nearly three years before being accepted to enroll in law school at the South Texas College of Law in 2005. He studied hard enough to graduate early from law school in 2007. Rick was licensed to practice law in the state of Texas in 2007 and began his solo practice on June 1, 2008. Rick did not come from a family of wealth or of lawyers. When he started, he did not know a single attorney–let alone a criminal defense attorney–in the City of Houston. He built the foundation of a successful practice with little more than a code book and a can-do attitude.

In 2016, less than seven years after becoming licensed, Rick was certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in his practice area of Criminal Law. His practice is almost entirely dedicated to criminal trial and appellate law. He writes extensively and has been published in various forums across the state.

Christine Cockrell

Criminal defense and Personal injury attorney

Christine Cockrell split her formative years between the cities of Rosenberg and Friendswood. As she settled into early adolescence, she excelled academically as an honor roll student, which culminated in her being a recipient of a Moody Scholarship from the foundation that bears its name. In her downtime, she found time to work as an Instructor at the Bay Area School of Dance. Before matriculating to college, Christine set the tone for a life of extraordinary exceptionalism when she became the first African American to be named a Lunar Rendezvous Princess of the Clear Lake Lunar Rendezvous Festival (in the 25-year history of the philanthropic organization).

Following high school graduation, Christine attended Tulane University. She returned home after her freshman year to wed her high school sweetheart and dove into the business of living headfirst. She worked a full-time job at Enron while pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Houston Clear Lake, which she earned in 1997, and started her family – giving birth to her son. After college, she chose to continue her educational aspirations, and entered law school at the South Texas College of Law and became licensed to practice law in 2004. Throughout, Christine continued to work full-time at Enron and, as if that wasn’t enough, gave birth to her second child, a girl, while in law school.

Following graduation from law school, Christine continued to excel as a coveted employee in Houston’s thriving and ubiquitous energy sector – holding several senior executive positions over 10+ years. Nevertheless, she eventually began to feel the disparities between the “haves” and “have nots” at a visceral level. And, as her two children headed to college, she felt free to address her ever increasing guilt about not being in the trenches fighting for justice and the rights of those that looked like her, as well as those that simply couldn’t afford the kind of justice afforded to a Fortune 500 corporation.

Today, Christine is firmly rooted in the trenches with her clients where she can make the kind of direct impact on their lives and futures that called her to relinquish her Corporate Card and White Tower prospects of years past. Whether she’s wearing high-heeled shoes as she stalks inside the well of a courtroom, or jeans and Chucks as she pounds the pavement seeking justice for her clients, Christine is the “People’s Attorney” whose aggression and determination works to preserve liberty for her criminal clients and financial security and redress for her clients with civil damages and claims.

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